”The apples are ripe at us. I’m at home!”

Kristinas of Duvemåla last words on her death-bed in America refers to the country of her youth – the small world which she minds with the Astrakan in her hands and which she mentaly never has let off.


Facts about the Emigration to Amerika

The swedisch national migration lasted from 1840 to 1930, mainly between 1860 and 1910. About 1,5 million people left the land under that time – alone 1882 it were 150 per day and some parishes lost nearly 50 % of its inhabitants.
The main reasons seem to be the lack of food, the rigorous Lutheran religion and authorities who were very troublesome
for the peasantry.
Vilhelm Mobergs emigrants left Algutsboda on April 4th , 1850 for Karlshamn, where they entered “Charlotta af Carlshamn” – a brig 40 paces at length and 8 at width. The journey across the Atlantic to New York, with 78 passangers stowed in the hold, took 10 weeks The Emigrants’ destinations in America were Chisago county in Minnesota, Washington and Britisch Colombia.

This native region with its people and their way of life is presented for the visitor by the association “Utvandrarnas Väg” (Emigrants Path): museums, handycraft and historic institutions illustrate the descriptions in the work of Vilhelm Moberg, which is dedicated to the country-people.
The contrast between the actual civilisation and the former states of life suggests for the viewer to understand and to respect whoms life and whoms work laid the foundation of modern society.

Both the historical interested and the family on holiday may experience deep and wide insight in the original ways of thinking and living.

To see and stand beside a mossy wall of natural stones, digged up only through the strength of poor mens arms, to look at the ruinous carcase of an ancient mill or a crushed foundation of a crofter’s cottage inspires to reflection about the relation between culture and nature.

The Emigrants path invite to a trip from Eriksmåla to Karlshamn through a region which modestly tells about human fates in its living beauty and natural fascination. Both by car and by bike or walking the traveler will meet among other things the memorial stone in Moshult, the school in Påvelsmåla and the Modala glass-manufactory witnessing stations in the life of Vilhelm Moberg or else Duvemåla, Klasatorpet and the monument in Karlshamn refering directly to the leading characters of “The Emigrants”: Karl-Oskar and Kristina. And last but not least offers the emigrants’ path of today holiday in nature with culinary satisfaction and all kinds of modern comfort.